Shareholder Information


Share Transfers

Shareholders or executors acting on behalf of estates who wish to transfer shares should contact the company’s registrar, Link Registrars Limited, Link Asset Services of 2 Grand Canal Square, Dublin D02A342.

Tel 01-5530050 or email [email protected]

FBD Insurance Discount

Both existing and new farming shareholders, who hold at least 10,000 ordinary shares in Farmer Business Developments plc, qualify for a 10% discount on their annual premiums with FBD Insurance for farm multiperil and motor insurance.


Becoming a New Farmer Shareholder

Farmer Business Developments plc welcomes new farmer shareholders.

Farmers who do not hold shares in the Company may apply to be approved as new shareholders. To be approved, applicants must be both members of IFA and farming customers of FBD Insurance plc for a minimum of three years in each case at the time of application. All applications are to be submitted to the Company Secretary (link) on the application form (link). Once new farmer investors are approved by the Company, they may apply to Davy Select to buy shares on the Company’s private grey market.


Stake Building

Please note that no new shareholder will be allowed accumulate a total stake of over 550,000 ordinary shares, which is approx 1% of the issued share capital. The Board retains its absolute discretion to decline to register any new shareholder or transaction.
























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